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Contact Information:

Head UIC
 - Aaron Garnett
Scheduling/Payroll UIC - Doug Salanski

Current Update:
LSBA is currently looking for new and experienced umpires for the 2024 season. We host both Rec and Competitive games throughout the spring and summer months in various age groups. We are looking for umpires at all skill levels to assign to these games. We also work with various other organizations to source umpires for tournaments over the spring, summer and fall.

If you have an interest in umpiring over the spring, summer, and/or fall months, please click on the Umpire Application link below to fill out an application. Once you have filled out your application, please go to the Umpire tab at the top of the page and click on Umpire Training to find dates and times for current training sessions. If you have any questions, please contact Aaron Garnett at [email protected].

Training is required to umpire in LSBA - LSBA provides paid training for all new and inexperienced umpires. This training is MANDATORY for all 1st year umpires who work for LSBA, and they must pass all requirements before they are assigned games.

Umpire Info

The links below are commonly used sites needed for umpires. For new umpires and those looking to re-register as an umpire for LSBA, please fill out the Umpire Application link below. After submitting an umpire application, you will also need to submit both state and federal tax forms before we are able to start paying you. The rules for both MLB and LSBA are found in the links below. Finally, the umpire ejection report (for umpire use only) is to be used after any altercation or instance where there was an ejection before, during or after an LSBA regulation game.

Who to Contact:
The staff at LSBA takes great pride in training and developing great umpires for our league and community. We are one of the very few organizations in the KC metro area that actually trains umpires and have one of the top training programs of those who do train. We strive to assign umpires to games that match their abilities and capabilities throughout the year. We work to help develop our younger umpires by partnering them with more experienced umpires until they prove themselves on the field.

There are times that umpires will get a call wrong or they may have a different interpretation of a rule than what you might be familiar with. For those instances, our Head UIC, Aaron Garnett, will be the one to direct those situations. While we encourage feedback, we do have a couple requirements for reporting on umpires.

First, you must be the head coach of the team involved in the game. No exceptions. If you are not a head coach of one of the two teams involved, your email will be deleted.

Second, we need the details. Your email should include:

1) date and time of game
2) field number
3) age group
4) American League (rec) or Competitive League
5) teams involved
6) inning of incident
7) score at time of incident
8) which team at bat
9) number of outs (before and after play or incidence)
10) count on batter
11) how you are involved in this situation
12) umpire numbers on the field (found on their sleeve)

We ask that you do not approach umpires before or after a game to get their umpire number. If it is not visible on their sleeve, please add that to your email.

Next, please detail, as best as possible, the situation that happened and the result or ruling by the umpire. We do not need rule references when describing the situation but we do suggest looking up the rule before explaining how the umpire got it wrong. We have links to both LSBA rules and the MLB rulebook on the information page above.

Finally, use the 24hr rule before sending. Many times, when a coach sends an email directly after a game, the emotions are still very raw and prevalent when writing, causing the writer to not be as clear about what happened. More times than not, when the email is written and sent the next day, the writer is able to be clear, concise, and reflective on the situation, making it a better opportunity for a discussion to be had by both the coach and our head UIC.

We love to hear positive things about our umpires too! Those are always great to read to the umpires to let them know that they are appreciated by our community and that their hard work is paying off. We ask those be directed from the coaches as well. Parents, if you would like to compliment an umpire, please write to the coach and have him forward to our head UIC.

Positive emails are shared with our umpires and are kept anonymous. Negative emails are never shared with the umpires, but we do investigate the claims and situations to help better our umpires and league. We also follow up with evaluations on those umpires before they are asked about certain situations that happened on the field. We have action plans that are put into place for instances like these, so we do not have a continuation of issues throughout the season.


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