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Weather Guidelines

Lee’s Summit Parks and Recreation and the Lee’s Summit Youth Sports Associations have implemented the following guidelines address with extreme heat and cold weather at all youth games and practices. It is designed to provide participants with a standard for safe play in situations of extreme heat and cold weather.

These rules have been tuned for baseball.

Heat Guidelines

The two values that will be taken into account when modifying or cancelling games/practices are air temperature and relative humidity. The combination of these two elements reflects the heat index. We will rely on the heat index reading that is updated hourly by the National Weather Service.

There are five defined heat index zones. These zones are based on recommended guidelines published by the American College of Sports Medicine.

(ACSM) for participation in sports activities during periods of extreme heat. Because the heat index does not take into account wind and direct sunlight,

two degrees will be added to the stated heat index on sunny and still days. Likewise, two degrees will be subtracted on cloudy and windy days.

White Zone

Heat index of 65-80 degrees. In this range, the participant is in very little danger from heat and no special measures will be taken.

Yellow Zone

Heat index of 81-98 degrees. In this range, coaches will be encouraged to take extra steps to protect their players by making sure they keep them hydrated and by encouraging frequent substitution during games and practices.

Orange Zone

Heat index of 99-105 degrees. In this range, the following will be implemented for games: all measures taken in the Yellow Zone. If it is a practice day, coaches are instructed to keep players well hydrated and to take frequent breaks.

 - Courtesy runners may be used at any point in the inning for pitchers and catchers, not just after two outs. All other rules apply.


Red Zone

Heat index ranging of 106 to 115 degrees. Notification will be given through the Rainout line

LSBA will implement the following for games: all measures taken in the Yellow and Orange Zones; the length of games will be modified according to the schedule below.

• Tee Ball and Coach Pitch will stay at 1 hour game time.

• Rookie 7 and Pinto game times will be reduced to 1 hour 15 minutes

• Mustang 9 and Mustang 10 game times will be reduced to 1 hour 30 minutes

• Bronco 11 and Bronco 12 game times will be reduced to 1 hour 30 minutes

• Pony game times will be reduced to 1 hour 30 minutes

• Colt game times will be reduced to 1 hour 45 minutes

Black Zone

Heat index above 115. In this range, all games and practices will be cancelled until the index returns to 115 or below. Notification will be given through the Rainout line

Note – During the course of the day, the heat index will rise and fall depending upon the time of day, amount of wind, cloud cover, etc. The above program modifications could also change throughout the course of the day, especially on the weekend. For example, a 1 pm game on Saturday could be played under the Orange Zone guidelines and a 4 pm game could be played under Red Zone guidelines. Coaches and parents will be notified of the appropriate zone of play by the program/league staff and/or the cancellation number of the specific organization. Notifications will be given through the Rainout line All conditions will be listed in the text depending on the temperatures. 

Cold Weather Guidelines
Wind chill 32o F or below – Games will be cancelled
*Participants playing or practicing in cold weather are encouraged to dress appropriately and utilize multiple layers as needed.

Thunderstorm & Lightning Guidelines
When lightning is detected within a 10 mile range, play and clear the fields for thirty (30) minutes. A long blast of the whistle will be sounded to notify players and parents to clear the field. Players and parents should take shelter in their vehicles or in an enclosed building if available. If in the event, another strike occurs with the thirty minutes, an additional thirty minutes will be added to the time. For example: If the detector goes off at 7:10 pm, play will be stopped until 7:40pm. If another strike occurs at 7:16 pm, the time would be reset to 7:46pm. Lightning is a very serious situation and the safety of our participants is very important. View timer at the top of the page.

The above are merely guidelines and it is the responsibility of parents and players to make the ultimate decision as to the participation in events when heat, cold and lightning may be a factor, taking into consideration the age and physical condition of the player. Parents also have the ultimate responsibility to inform their child about the dangers of heat and need for protection, including sunscreen and proper hydration.

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