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Park Rules and FAQ


  1. 11:00 pm curfew strictly enforced.  Lights will be turned off no later than 11:00pm.  No inning can begin after 10:45 pm.
  2. No pets allowed.  If it is not human don’t bring it to the park.  (Exception is ADA service dogs)  
  3. No alcohol allowed.
  4. No Tobacco of any kind allowed.  This include e-cigarettes. This includes the parking lot.  (New Parks & Rec Rule for 2015)
  5. No riding toys allowed (skates, roller blades, bikes, etc.).
  6. Banner permit is required for any banner displayed at the park.  Permits are available from the Lee’s Summit Parks and Recreation (LSPR).  Exception:  Team banners are allowed as long as they have no sponsor listed, or the banner is in appreciation of their sponsors and contain no advertising for the sponsor, i.e. slogan, phone number, location, hours of business, etc.  Banners requiring a permit but do not have one, will need to be taken down.
  7. Parking in designated parking spaces only.  No vehicle can be driven within the park.  No parking on the grass.  No parking on Legacy Park Drive.  If you believe you will exceed the available parking area, additional parking is available within a reasonable distance (Richardson Elementary is less than 1 mile away).  You will/may need to provide shuttle service.  If there are no soccer games, we can use the soccer venue parking.  Parking in the fire lane or on the grass can get your car towed at owners expense.
  8. No littering.  Please keep park clean.
  9. No hitting into the fences (soft toss, pepper, etc.).
  10. All warm ups must be inside the warm up area, in the on deck circle, or on the playing field.  No warm-ups on the spectator side of the fence, throwing, pitching, swinging a bat, etc.
  11. Hitting sticks on the spectator side of the fence are prohibited and should only be handled by adults.
  12. Throwing of any kind on the spectator side of the fence are prohibited.
  13. Do not let your kids climb in the trees. 

Frequent Questions

Player Acquaintance Day

Mustang 9 & 10, Bronco 11 and 12, Pony, Colt Divisions Only
A. The purpose of Player Acquaintance Day shall be to familiarize managers and coaches with a youth’s ability to hit, run and field. This shall not be construed to be a try-out session as each manager will draft their teams as outlined in Section VI of the rule book.
B. Player Acquaintance Day shall be scheduled by the Board of Directors and their decision as to dates and/or re-scheduling in the event of inclement weather shall be final.
C. A committee selected by the Division Reps will conduct the Player Acquaintance Day activities for the different age groups, by Divisions ages.
D. Each player candidate must attend the acquaintance session for their respective age bracket unless there are extenuating circumstances.
E. Players participating in Player Acquaintance Day shall be assigned flights and numbers. Each manager shall be furnished with a list of players which may contain candidates name, number assigned, age, birthday and phone number. Each manager shall evaluate players eligible for the draft in any such manner as they so desire.
F. Players eligible for the draft who do not participate in Player Acquaintance Day shall be selected from a blind drawing. For Pony & Colt, first year players' names shall be placed in a container, separate from the names of second year players. 1. Any Pony or Colt Division team that has eight (8) second year players must draw a first year player, if one is available.

All players ONLY in the Mustang 9, Mustang 10, Bronco 11, Bronco 12, Pony, and Colt Divisions check the calendar for the date of the PLAYER AQUAINTANCE DAY. The exact time will be released the week prior. See rule book for explaination

I would like our two kids to be able to play on the same team, but they are different ages. Can I get them on the same team?
Per the LSBA bylaws, all American League players must play in the appropriate league dictated by their age. There are NO exceptions to this rule.

We were playing a baseball game last night and lightening was dangerously close. Why did it take so long for the games to be called?
LSBA has specific procedures to follow to ensure the safety of players, families and anyone else at the ballpark. We have lightening detectors and when lightening reaches a specific distance, all park patrons are warned through the sound of a horn. Umpires have been trained to call games immediately and everyone is to leave the park when the horn sounds.

Our game was rained out when will it be rescheduled?
LSBA works hard to reschedule games in a timely manner. Sometimes games will be rescheduled with short notice and some will be scheduled later in the year. As the season progresses the games will be scheduled with little to no notice and possibly playing multiple days in a row, if there are a lot of rain outs.

There seem to be fields sitting empty when there could be games being played. Why is that?
All of the fields at Legacy are set up to accommodate games for specific age groups. Games can only be played on fields that have appropriate dimensions for the age group (eg. distance between bases, distance between mound and home plate, distance to outfield fence, etc.). Both season schedules and make-up games are developed based on the availability of fields, starting dates of leagues, # of games, # of days between games, etc.

I have signed my child up to play. What team are they on?
Generally speaking the rosters are built the same year over year. Children are placed mainly by school and parent request. Not every child will end up a team with their school or requested team. We do our best to meet all requests but placement is done by LSBA and is final each year. T-Ball teams are all new as this is the first year for any child to play. Year-over-year kids remain on the team they were on the previous year for ages 8 and under. We do not move kids around once placed on a team unless there are extenuating circumstances. At the Mustang 9 League all children are put in a draft and the coaches draft every child. Teams stay together for Mustang 10. Again at Bronco 11 we redraft and they stay on those teams at Bronco 12. Again at Pony and Colt teams are redrafted. Sometimes teams will not return every year due to not enough kids returning or the coach asked some of the players to go competitive. In this case, children returning will be placed on a new team. In every case, in every division, your coach will contact you with team placement. The placement of children on teams doesn’t happen until the end of March.

What days are games?
The schedule is not completed until the sign ups end and teams are formed in late March or early April. There is no set schedule for each league the schedule is generated differently each year. You could possibly play any day of the week (Monday thru Sunday). Your coach will inform you of your schedule. If your coach doesn’t know it’s because the schedule is not created yet.

We cannot practice on a certain night of the week. Can I get on a team that doesn't practice that night?
We don’t set the schedule until teams are formed. There is no set schedule for divisions practicing on a certain night. Generally speaking, the coaches request a few nights they are available and we accommodate the best we can. Each team is given one week night and one weekend practice time. If you cannot make a practice night just work that out with your coach.

How much does it cost to play?
All pricing is on the Registration tab above - follow the link and you can see the pricing. Refunds will not be issued after March 7th to accommodate for uniforms, equipment, baseballs, etc.  Your fee is a commitment for us to know how many people are playing in the league.

What color is my team?
The colors for the teams are the last thing that is decided. Until the teams are set and a few other things are worked out no one knows what color the team will be. Your coach will let you know as soon as they are told.

My child is on a competitive team, can they also play in the recreational league?
No child can play in both competitive and American League. If you are trying out for teams to play in the competitive but haven’t made a team yet please wait before signing up for the American League. Most coaches make their decisions on players by March 1 as that is when they start practicing for the spring season. If you sign up for the American League and then make a team you can get a refund, but that costs LSBA money to refund you. So please wait until after March 1 to sign up if you are planning on finding a competitive team for your child.

I want to coach my child's team. What do I do?
If you haven’t signed your child up yet, please indicate during the registration process that you would like to either be a head coach or an assistant coach for a team. If you have already registered, contact your league rep and let them know you are interested in coaching. Their information is available on the Contact page. In either case, contacting your league rep is always a good idea. There is a process behind approving coaches. Year over year the number of coaches is different for each division. It all depends on the number of kids in each division. Once the process is complete your league rep will let you know if you are allowed to coach. After approval all coaches and managers need to pass a background check.

When do games and practices start?
You will start practices when your coach informs you of your practice days and your coach will inform you of your schedule. Generally, practices will start toward the beginning of April and games will start at the beginning of May.

How are standings placed in order?

Below is a list of how the standings will appear: (this is a software setting that cannot be changed.)

Keep in mind if we feel the standings are incorrect we will adjust them at the end of the year to meet actual standard standings.  We are working with the vendor to get this configurable.  This not something we will change as the season progresses .  We will adjust accordingly, if necessary, at the end of the season. 


GP: Games Played
W: Wins
L: Losses
T: Ties

PCT: Winning Percentage
STRK: Streak
GB: Games Behind
RS: Runs Scored
RA: Runs Allowed

RPG: Runs Scored Per Game
APG: Runs Allowed Per Game
DIFF: Difference

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