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Spring Training League


The Lee's Summit Baseball Association is excited to offer our Spring Training League again in 2022. The Spring Training League is a revamped version of our competitive National League program that is focused on early season player development and preparation for the competitive tournament season. 

Spring Training League Schedule 

 Each team in the Spring Training League will play a total of 12 games against other competitive teams of the same age and competitive level (8 games for 8U teams). Those games will be played over a period of six weeks (4 weeks for 8U), as follows:  

March 19-20: 2 games per team 

March 26-27: 2 games per team 

March 29-30: 1 game per team 

April 4-7: 1 game per team  

April 11-16: 3 games per team (we will play Friday and/or Saturday, but not on Easter Sunday) 

April 18-21: 1 game per team 

April 25-28: 2 game per team (we may play one game this week and one game during the first week of May) 

 8U teams will play 2 games each week during April. 

 These dates/games are dependent on the weather. If there is inclement weather during these dates we will reschedule the games as necessary. We will also have temperature limitations in place for games in March. That limitation will be a wind chill forecast of less than 45 degrees. This will be decided 48 hours prior to games, and if the forecast is inaccurate and wind chill temperatures at game time are below 45 but above 40, games will be played. If the wind chill is 40 or below at game time, games will be canceled, postponed, or delayed depending on the forecast for that day. 

 Development of Players plus Competition 

 Each team that registers for our Spring Training League will receive two practice field times per week (one during the week and one during the weekend) in March, and one practice field time per week (weeknights only) from April 1 through April 15.  

 The focus of the Spring Training League is DEVELOPMENT. The goal of the Spring Training League is to help teams build up players’ arms early in the season in a pitch count controlled environment and to develop players at secondary positions while getting in-game reps. The pitch count rules will be a modified version of the MLB PitchSmart guidelines. These rules are available on our website here. There is no other program like this in the Kansas City metro area. 

 Unlike last year, we will also offer a “true” competitive aspect to the Spring Training League.  Each team will play six (6) “developmental” games and six (6) “competitive” games.  The developmental games should be treated as organized practice games with umpires. These games will not be scored and teams are encouraged to use these games to develop players at secondary positions and work on other in-game skills. The competitive games will be scored; however, teams are still encouraged to use these games for development of players. For all divisions with at least six teams, we will also award a free tournament entry to the first place team in that division (based on results from the 6 competitive games). These tournaments would be with one of LSBA’s tournament partners (see below).   

Registration Options 

 There are two different registration options for this program. Teams can sign up for the Spring Training League, which includes the practice time and 12 games, or teams can sign up for our Extended Spring Training Program, which includes the practice time, the 12 Spring Training League games, plus entry in two tournaments.  This year, we are offering the Extended Spring Training Program with both of our tournament providers, Triple Crown Sports and Perfect Game. With the three-game guarantees (weather permitting) for each of these tournaments, the Extended Spring Training Program will provide teams with the opportunity to possibly play a minimum of 18 games (weather permitting). 

Registration Fees 

Spring Training League only:

8U: $600 per team 

9U-12U: $1,400 per team 

13U-14U: $1,500 per team 

Extended Spring Training League (includes entry fee for two Triple Crown or Perfect Game Tournaments):

8U: $900 

9U-12U: $2,090  

13U-14U: $2,390 

 The Extended Spring Training League rates include registration fees charged by Triple Crown or Perfect Game. By signing up for the Extended Spring Training League, each team saves $100 compared to signing up for the Spring Training League and two Triple Crown or Perfect Game tournaments separately. 

Registration will close Monday, February 21, 2022.  You can reserve a spot by registering today.

Cancellation of Games 

 We will do our best to reschedule any games that are canceled due to inclement weather or temperatures. We will also prioritize rescheduling of competitive games over developmental games.  However, if we are unable to reschedule games, we will offer teams a credit toward a Triple Crown or Perfect Game tournament. For each game that is canceled, each 8U team will receive a credit of $75, each 9U-12U team will receive a credit of $116.67, and each 13U-14U team will receive a credit of $125. Again, these credits will be applied toward a future Triple Crown or Perfect Game tournament. 

 Pitch Counts 

 Because the focus of the Spring Training League is DEVELOPMENT of players, a pitch count limitation will be strictly enforced. The pitch count limitations will increase each week of the Spring Training League and will be based on the MLB PitchSmart guidelines. Please see the Spring Training League Pitching Rules for more information.   

Additional Information 

 If a division has fewer than 4 teams registered when the registration period ends, we will refund the registration fees for those teams or they may choose to play up in a different division. If a division has 4 or more teams when the registration period ends and a team decides to back out, we will NOT refund the registration fees for the team that backs out. 

The pitching rules will be STRICTLY ENFORCED and can be found here.

Each team shall be required to provide a scorekeeper. Both teams shall require their scorekeeper use GameChanger. Within 24 hours of the conclusion of each game, both teams shall submit a pdf copy of their box scores to the League. If a manager is found to have allowed a player to exceed the Pitch Count Limits as set forth in the pitching rules, the manager shall be notified by LSBA. If the same manager is found to have allowed a player to exceed the Pitch Count Limits a second time, the team shall forfeit the current game. If the same manager is found to have allowed a player to exceed the Pitch Count Limits a third time, the team shall be required to forfeit all future games and will not receive a refund.


If you would like to register for the Spring Training League, click here.  


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