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Blue Darter Award


The Blue Darter Trophy is awarded annually to one player in each division. The purpose is to recognize players who demonstrate outstanding sportsmanship, hustle, enthusiasm and commitment. Actual baseball skills are not a criteria. The trophy was created by Mr. Jim Shoot and has been awarded annually since 1971. Mr. Shoot coached for many years and personally presented the trophy until his passing in 1998.

Blue Darter 1971-1979
Blue Darter 1980 - 1989
Blue Darter 1990 - 1999
Blue Darter 2000 - 2009
Blue Darter 2010- 2011

2012 Dominic Mitchell T-ball 5 First Community Bank Greg Bynum
2012 Adam Todd Coach Pitch 6 Dave's Roe Body Shop Jim Curless
2012 Nathan Callaway Rookie 7 Volume Instant Printing Maggie Corn
2012 Colin Crowell Pinto 8 First Community Bank Greg Bynum
2012 Hunter Elliott Mustang 9 Custom Home Theat Brett Gerhart
2012 Brett Dujakovich Mustang 10 USA 800 Brent Ratliff
2012 Kevin Marshall Bronco 11 NAPA Auto Pars Dusty Martin
2012 John Molt Bronco 12 LSBA Tim Ogletree
2012 Jonas Borchert Pony Accu Laser Engraving Shawn James
2012 Zach Kudlinski Colt Extreme Fence Dana Christian
2013 Ezra Walton T-ball 5 Major Painting Marshall Hamilton
2013 Jack McSpurren Coach Pitch 6 Lead Bank Matt Thompson
2013 Gabe Browning Rookie 7 Price Chopper Orange Travis Bush
2013 Michael Gassen Pinto 8 Atherton Photography James Adkins
2013 Jude Carter Mustang 9 Wilding Engineering Inc. Todd Carter
2013 John Stribling Mustang 10 Haub Photography Josh Salmond
2013 Gunnar Covinsky Bronco 11 Bandwagon Merchandise Brent Ratliff
2013 Tristan Garcia Bronco 12 Hy-Vee Sean Coleman
2013 Caleb Walz Pony Buckley Powder Company Tim Ogletree
2013 Josh Hill Colt LSBA Daryl Riddle
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